Why Our Tables Are Superior

When choosing furniture for your facility, you want to be sure that you’re making the right investment.  Highboy tables are manufactured by various companies, all who have different levels of quality.  Since your tables are designed to knockdown, they will constantly receive much wear and tear, so it’s important that the construction quality is high.  Our cocktail tables are manufactured to the highest quality possible.

What makes our tables superior to the rest?

Feature The competition
Our cocktail tables are UV coated 4-times on the top, and 2-times on the bottom.  This ensures that your table is fully protected from spills and liquids.  After all, they are intended for guests to place their cocktails on! Oftentimes highboy tables are coated 1 time, sometimes 2 times.
Center column and base are made of polished high durability aluminum. Unpolished, lower gauge aluminum.
Base feet are self-leveling. You’ll need to level with sugar packets.
You receive both the 30″ and 42″ height columns. You may only receive one column, and then have to pay for the additional height.
2 year warranty. Limited warrany.
Already comes put together. You may have to screw in the colum connector to the bottomside of the table top.
Table top is made of high strength birch wood. Generally made of thin plywood.
Durable rubber T molded edge along table top protects the edge. No molding, or possibly a thin plastic band.