When to Use Highboy Tables

Pub Tables at Wedding

One of the most versatile tables around, the highboy is ideal for most any banquet setting where a 24″, 30″ or 36″ round table is needed. Switch to the 42″ height pole, and you now have a bar height (eg: Pub) table.  The standard height for a highboy is 42″.

Great for cocktail hour and outdoor events where guests will stand and eat or drink.  Many of these tables can be seen at wine tasting events, fairs, weddings, or anywhere you want people to gather around.  Party rental companies often tell us they rent to beer and wine tasting events, car dealers, banquet halls, churches, outdoor events, company parties, open houses, etc.

The best feature this table offers is the fact that it can be easily adjusted from sit down height to pub height in a matter of seconds.  If you are planning to rent these out, then buy a few 36″ rounds and allow your customer to choose the height, thus reducing the stock you’ll need to maintain.

Another reason these tables are so versatile is that you can dress them up in so many ways.  No matter the event, you can easily toss on a table cloth that will match.  Go a step further and wrap a bow on the column, or use spandex tablecloths for a more modern look.  We have seen event and banquet managers do some amazing things with these tables.

Below are some pictures of highboy tables decorated.

30" Highboy Table with taffeta cover
30″ Highboy Table with taffeta cover
Highboy Table in Garden
30″ Highboy Tables
Pub table with blue cloth
42″ Highboy Tables with purple cloth covers and sash
White table cloth with bow
42″ Highboy Tables with white table cloth and beige sash
30" vs 42" Pub Table Height
42″ vs 30″ Highboy Tables
42" Highboy Tables with runner overlay
42″ Highboy Tables with runner overlay
Highboy Table with Spandex Cover
42″ Highboy Tables with Spandex covers
Pub Tables at Wedding
42″ Highboy Tables at wedding
42" Highboy Tables with flowing linen
42″ Highboy Tables with flowing linen and florals