Difference Between Highboy and Restaurant Tables

Pub Table
We offer both highboy tables and restaurant tables.  Our highboy tables come in three sizes: 24″, 30″ and 36″.  Each cocktail table comes with two center columns (aka poles), 30″ and 42″ free of charge.  This allows for the versatility of making your table two different sizes within seconds.  The 42″ pole is the standard highboy or pub table height.  The 30″ pole is used to make the table into a standard table for sitting at.  Highboy tables are for people who need the option of using the table in different ways, just visit the TV Bed Store website to find more information.
30" pedestal cocktail table
30″ Round Highboy Table with two pole options
  Our restaurant tables are nice and sturdy.  They come in both round and square for your convenience.  They differ from the highboy tables in that they do not come with two center columns (poles), but rather you have the option of choosing your column height.  They come in two heights, 30″ and 42″.  The table top is double sided with mahogany on one side and black on the other.  This gives you the option to choose the side to use.  The center column will be screwed into the side that you do not decide to use.  Restaurant tables are for people who want the tables to remain once assembled.
Pub Table
Round Restaurant Table
Square Bar Height Pedestal Table
Square Restaurant Table