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Highboy tables are called “highboy” due to their height and size. A highboy table refers to a round top table which stands 42 inches tall, which is considered bar height.  Our Original Highboy Table comes in three sizes including 24″, 30″ and 36″ round table top, and they all includes both the 30″ and 42″ height poles.  This allows you to easily adjust the table from sit-down height to bar-height, depending on how they will be used. Highboy Tables are one of the most versatile cocktail tables around, and are always high in demand!

Should you rent highboy tables or purchase them? Many of our customers find that they are renting highboys on a regular basis.  After about three rentals, the table is more than paid off!  So, why not purchase your highboy tables and stop renting them.  Our highboy’s have an optional cart that you can purchase, which allows you to easily store up to 10 tables (along with all poles/bases/etc) on an easy to roll cart.

Highboy Table Rentals vs Purchasing

The top three cities where highboy tables are rented are in Miami, Chicago and Atlanta.  We have distribution warehouses in these areas, allowing for quick delivery.  Start saving money – stop the high rental fees and buy your tables today! You can buy our tables today and get FREE SHIPPING!

Highboy Tables are often referred by many names including: High Top, Pedestal, Cocktail, Known Down, Pub Tables, Bar Tables, and so on. By far the most versatile table around, they are always in demand! Whether you own a restaurant, banquet hall, or any other venue where people gather, this table will be in demand. Many our clients include real estate offices, attorney offices, car dealers, hotels, etc.  Their small size and easy setup/known-down make this a favored table among many.