Highboy Tables

When to Use 30″ vs 42″ Height

Two Ways to Use Highboy and Cocktail Tables There are two ways of using your highboy and cocktail tables.  Our tables come with two center poles, 30 in. and 42 in. for your convenience and versatility. The most common way to use the highboy table is with the 42 in. pole for events such as […]

Pub Tables at Wedding
Highboy Tables

When to Use Highboy Tables

One of the most versatile tables around, the highboy is ideal for most any banquet setting where a 24″, 30″ or 36″ round table is needed. Switch to the 42″ height pole, and you now have a bar height (eg: Pub) table.  The standard height for a highboy is 42″. Great for cocktail hour and […]

30" pedestal cocktail table
Highboy Tables

Choosing the Right Highboy Table

Highboy tables come in three standard sizes and heights (24″, 30″ and 36″).  This allows you to better choose the size or type of highboy table for your event.  The most common size is the 30″ round, as it easily fits into most any environment.  These are definitely great for cocktail hour or any gathering […]